Mikveh: Ritual Immersion in Water for Life Transitions

Sarah is a community mikveh guide, mikveh educator, and consultant and is available to come to your community to work with you. Sarah specializes in:

  • Creating and Facilitating immersion experiences of all kinds
  • Training volunteer mikveh guides, clergy and educators in your community
  • Expanding and enhancing mikveh use and immersions
  • Building and strengthening community partnerships
  • Utilizing resources to gain support for your mikveh
  • Strategic planning
  • Mikveh Education
  • LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Welcoming Interfaith families and guests at the mikveh

Recent Mikvah Educational Programs, Consultations and Trainings:

  • Consultations with guides, staff and/or clergy at the Soul Center at Beth El Congregation in Baltimore, MD,  the Agam Center at Mikvah Chayyim at Ohev Shalom National Synagogue, MACoM Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah and the Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Reflections and Intentions: An Embodied Workshop for Preparing for the Days of Awe at the Edlavitch JCC of Washington DC, September 2016
  • Queering the Mikveh, Edlavitch JCC of Washington, DC July 2016
  • Adas Israel Community Mikvah Guide Training: Interfaith Sensitivity Training, LGBTQ Sensitivity Training, Spring 2016
  • What to Expect at the Mikvah: Session for the Jewish Welcome Workshop participants, Sixth and I Historic Synagogue at the Adas Israel Community Mikvah
  • Preparing for Sinai: Immersion for Holy Moments at After Dark Shavuot Learning for Young Professionals at the Edlavitch JCC of Washington DC, May 2015
  • Demystifying the Mikveh, Routes Day of Jewish Learning, November 2014
  • Preparing for the High Holidays, Adas Israel Community Mikvah, September 2014
  • Mikvah Guide Training, First Wave of Mikvah Guides for ImmerseNYC, Spring 2013

Curriculum Building and Mikvah Guide Trainings:

From 2008-14, Rabbi Sarah was a Mikveh Guide and Educator at Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Paula Brody & Family Education Center in Newton, MA. She has welcomed people from all walks of Jewish life to the practice of ritual immersion and has guided immersions for a variety of life transitions and experiences in numerous mikveh locations.

Beneath the Surface CurriculumAs a mikveh educator and program developer at Mayyim Hayyim, Sarah was one of the creators of a Mother-Daughter Pre-Bat Mitzvah programing called “Beneath the Surface” and oversaw the creation of all educational workshops for the 2012 International Conference, Gathering the Waters.” Sarah worked with Mayyim Hayyim Education Center Director Lisa Berman to create a new program at Mayyim Hayyim called “Bridging the Gap” for Beneath the Surface alumni and 8/9th grade girls and their moms which debuted in January 2014.

Watch Mayyim Hayyim’s brand new 5 minute film about the Beneath the Surface program. The curriculum for Beneath the Surface: A Program for Bat Mitzvah Girls and their Mothers is now available for purchase (no mikveh neccesary). Click to View sample pages and learn more.

1000px_ImmerseNYC_logoIn the spring of the 2013, Sarah trained the first cohort of volunteer mikveh guides for ImmerseNYC, which is the first and only pluralistic mikveh project in New York City. Sarah trained 28 guides from diverse Jewish backgrounds and experiences to facilitate a variety of immersion experiences. Because ImmerseNYC does not yet have their own mikveh, Sarah trained them to be able to guide at any mikveh.

Sarah is available by phone, skype, and to travel for consultion, training, and teaching purposes.

If you would like more information on mikveh or ritual immersion in water, would like to discuss how to create a mikveh ritual for a life transition, or would like to discuss mikveh consultation services, please contact Rabbi Sarah.